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Why No Face or Multiple Faces Detected even though clearly there is only one face?

tl;dr: We use AI and AI gets it wrong sometimes

Why the detection can go wrong

Sometimes, AutoProctor's report may show a No Face Detected or Multiple Faces Detected violation, even though in the evidence, there is actually a face! This may make it seem like AutoProctor is very wrong, because our human eye can easily see the face. But, remember that AutoProctor uses AI to detect if there is a human face. And, AI isn't 100% accurate!

The AI that AutoProctor uses is trained on thousands of faces. If the candidate's camera feed is very different from the training set, the AI cannot detect a face. Specifically, these are a few reasons why the AI may get this wrong are:

The candidate's background isn't plain. AI can get confused by colorful, background objects
The candidate isn't looking at the screen directly. They are maybe looking away or looking down
The candidate is wearing reflective glasses (so the eyes aren't clearly visible)

This is also the reason we provide evidence to violations that you see—so that you can judge for yourself if the AI's detection is correct.

This is why you shouldn't just use the Trust Score, without looking at the results. Always see the full report before concluding whether a candidate cheated.

Updated on: 04/17/2024

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