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How to see results on AutoProctor?

There are two types of results that can be seen for any test, and they are distinct from each other.

Test Results

These are the results of any tests the student took. Test creators can check these results to understand the student's performance on the tests. If you are using Google Forms, you can check the test results by seeing the Google Forms responses.

If you are using another Forms system, like Microsoft Forms or an IFrame test, the responses will be where you'd have found them otherwise (that is, if you weren't using AutoProctor).

In other words,
Unless you are using Socratease Quizzes, you cannot see test results on AutoProctor

If you are using Google Forms, but can’t find the results on Responses click here to see why that may have happened.

Proctoring Results

As the test taker attempts the test, AutoProctor monitors their test taking environment and records evidence of possible cheating/malpractice. These are gathered together in the form of a report, which we call the Proctoring Results. Of course, these results can only be seen if Proctoring has been turned on in the Settings. Click here if you want to know how to see these results.

Updated on: 05/02/2023

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