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Where do I find the answers of an AutoProctor test?

Test Results

The results of a test, which contain the test taker's answers, the points they scored can be found in different places based on the type of test you have created. We explain how you can find results for each test type we have on AutoProctor. To know where to find the

Socratease Quizzes

One of the advantages of using Socratease Quizzes is, you get to see both the test results and the proctoring results on AutoProctor itself.
The video below shows you how you can access the results of a Socratease Quiz.

Google Form Results

You can find the results of a Google Forms Test, by opening the Google Form and navigating to the responses tab.

Microsoft Form Results

For Microsoft forms, you can find the responses by opening the form and navigating to the responses tab.

Iframe Test Results

Finding the results of an Iframe test varies based on the platform you are using. For example, if you are using Classmarker, this article explains how you can find the results. For any other platform, you will have to look for the results on the platform itself.

Updated on: 07/07/2023

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