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Checking Individual Submissions on AutoProctor

For Socratease Quiz

Visit your Dashboard
Click the View button under the Results section of the relevant test.
This will open a list of user submissions
If the user has finished the test, and it has been graded, their score will show up as a link with a percentage next to it. This is shown in a red box in the image below

Checking Individual Responses

If the user hasn't finished the test, or it has not been graded, you will see the word Grade in blue
Clicking on the blue link will open a page that shows all the responses of the user, points scored, etc to open corresponding to Percentage Scored the candidate specific responses.

Individual Submisisions

For Google Forms Quiz

Follow these steps to check individual responses. Click here to know more about Google Form quizzes.

Updated on: 05/02/2023

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