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Cannot See Response in Google Form

We get asked this question a lot. There is ONLY ONE reason you aren't able to see Responses in Google Forms, and are able to see the Response on AutoProctor: the test taker has not clicked on the Purple Submit button.

The test taker has to click on 2 Submit buttons to finish the test. The Purple Submit button is inside the Google Form. AutoProctor loads the Google Form within its own site. This means that whatever usually happens with a Google Form happens with the Google Form on AutoProctor too. The Purple Submit button at the bottom is for the answers to go into the Responses Section on a Google Form. The Green Submit button is for the results to get updated on AutoProctor.

If the student does not click the Green Submit button at the top, you will only see their answers on Responses but will not see anything on AutoProctor.

Also, ensure that you have sent the AutoProctor link to the test takers. It should have the word in it. If you send them the Google Form link, like you would without AutoProctor, you will not see the results on AutoProctor.

AutoProctor says the test has been submitted, but I do not see the responses on Google Forms

If the test taker clicks only on the Green Submit button at the top and not the Google Forms Purple Submit button, you will see it says it has been submitted on AutoProctor, but will not be able to see the responses on Google Forms. Due to privacy reasons, google doesn't let us know if the Purple Submit button has been clicked or not, so unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it.

You can continue reading below for more details:

AutoProctor loading Google Form within its site is similar to how YouTube videos and tweets from Twitter are loaded on other sites. If you click on a YouTube video on a different site, and there is an error loading the video, you will correctly conclude that the error is with YouTube. Similarly, if you face any issue with a Google Form on AutoProctor, the issue is with Google Form. There is literally nothing we can do, as Google doesn't allow us to access what happens within a Google Form.

To avoid this issue, we recommend using Socratease tests with AutoProctor instead of Google Forms.

Updated on: 10/17/2023

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