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Using Tags on AutoProctor

What are Tags?

While creating a Socratease Quiz on AutoProctor, you can add tags to each question. Tags allow you to add labels to your questions and classify them into different groups for analyzing your test results. For instance, if you are a teacher conducting a quiz based on three different subjects, you can assign subject-wise tags per question. If you are a recruiter, you can add skill-specific tags to each question. Or you could also classify questions by difficulty level using tags (though we recommend using points for this).

When you use tags in a quiz, you can group the tagged questions in the test results. This shows you the performance of the test taker grouped by tags. You can also filter by a specific tag to analyse the results for a particular subject or skill. Tags not only help you analyze the performance of the test taker but also the quality of your questions. It can help you decide replacing and modifying questions.

How to Use Tags?

Create a Socratease Quiz on AutoProctor.
After adding a question, click the three dots on top right. Enter the tag name and press enter in the text box which shows Add tag & Press Enter.
Save the Quiz.
After the test is attempted, open the test results. Click the the percentage scored for any of the submissions.
In the Group By dropdown, select Tags. Then you will be able to view discrete groups of questions for each tag listed one below the other. Each group will have all questions labelled with the respective tag.
In the Filter by Tag dropdown, you can select individual tags and see only the questions for the chosen tag.

Updated on: 05/02/2023

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