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How to Create a Socratease Quiz?

What is a Socratease Quiz?

Socratease Quizzes are AutoProctor's own quizzing solution. Like Google and Microsoft Forms, they are easy to create. Unlike them, they were created specifically for exams. So, they have many features that help you conduct online tests better. This article explains why you should choose Socratease Quizzes. But, the main reasons are: (i) native integration with AutoProctor, so you don't have to leave the website and candidates can click on a single submit button; (ii) multiple question types; (iii) advanced features like Import from Excel and Question Banks.

How to Create a Socratease Quiz

You can always create a Socratease quiz by visiting this link and selecting Socratease Quizzes.

The video below shows you how to create, share, attempt and view the results of a Socratease Quiz on AutoProctor.

Updated on: 06/17/2024

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