Show Questions One-by-One

Show Questions One-by-One on Socratease Quizzes

On the settings of your Socratease Quiz, you should see a setting called Show Questions One-by-One, which is set to No by default. This setting changes the way questions are displayed to the test taker. If set to Yes, test takers see one question at a time, and have to finish attempting a question before they move to the next. When set to No, they see all the questions at the same time

Show questions one-by-one

Why is Showing Questions One-by-One is Useful?

When showing questions one-by-one, you can set a timer for each question. This gives the test taker less time to cheat on a question, as at a given time, they can view only one question, for a limited amount of time.

How are Timer Settings Affected by Show Questions One-by-One?

When set to Yes, the following timer settings cannot be set at the level of the test, in your AutoProctor test settings:
Duration: Can only be set at the level of the question
Auto-Submit: Every question with a timer gets submitted automatically when time for the question runs out
Must Submit By: Cannot Start After can be set instead

Updated on: 02/15/2024

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