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Elite Features

The Elite plan has a variety of proctoring and test features which help you conduct better tests on AutoProctor. Here is an overview of all the features it has to offer.

Cloning Quizzes

If you want to create a copy of a Socratease quiz you have created, you can use the clone feature that we offer. The video below shows you how you can clone quizzes.

Question Banks

If you want to create a large pool of questions, so that different test takers see a different set of questions, you can use Question Banks. You can find the option to create Question Banks in the Socratease Quizzes section as shown below. You can add questions to a Question Bank in the same way you add questions to a quiz.

Create Question Banks

Once you have created a Question Bank, you will need to create a Question Bank Quiz (QB Quiz) out of it. A Question Bank Quiz, is a Quiz created out of a Question Bank. In the Question Bank Quiz's settings, you can select how many questions the quiz should have and at what level of difficulty. When test takers attempt the test, the number of questions you have specified, and the selected difficulty level. Each test taker will see a different set of questions.
Create Question Bank Quiz

More Question Types

With the elite plan, you have access to different question types, like:

Voice Input: Create a question which requires the test taker to record themselves speaking the answer. Learn More

Auto Graded Text: If you want to ask questions which have a definite answer, and you want the test taker to type it out, you can use the Auto Graded Text Question Type. Here, the test taker's response is compared to the answer you have provided. If it is an exact match, the test taker is automatically awarded full points for question. 0 otherwise. Learn More

Answer Any: With this question type, you can create a set of say 5 sub questions, and require that the test taker attempt only a certain number of sub questions. Learn More

Import From Excel

If you have questions in an Excel file, you can import them all at once using this feature. Learn More

Updated on: 11/28/2023

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