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What is a Team on AutoProctor?

What is a Team?

On AutoProctor, a Team is a set of different email IDs that are linked to the same account. The main advantage of a Team is that multiple users can share the same plan and billing. For example, if you are a school, instead of each teacher paying separately on AutoProctor, one admin can pay and the teachers can just use test attempts from this account. In almost all cases, multiple users creating a Team account works out cheaper than each user creating their own account.


Once a team is created, you can see the different members of the team by clicking on the Team link on the sidebar. You will see:

The team name
The join link - if an AutoProctor user visits this link, they become part of this team
A button to leave the team
A list of members showing who is an admin

AutoProctor Team Dashboard

Team Admin

Only a team admin can:

Change the team name
Make another member an admin
Remove a member's admin privileges
Remove a member from the team
See the Billing Section

The Team Feature is available only on the Premium and Elite plans.

Updated on: 12/22/2023

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