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Things you *NEED* to know

Please read through these instructions very carefully. To date, hundreds of thousands of students have used AutoProctor. There are a few mistakes that are commonly committed. Due to these mistakes, either the students cannot take the test, or all the answers they submit
are lost. If you follow these instructions properly, all this can be avoided!

No File Upload question in your Google Form: File Uploads are not compatible with AutoProctor. All other types of Questions are allowed.
Share Instructions with Students: Almost all the issues students face can be avoided if they read and follow instructions. If you are using only a Timer, read and share these instructions. If you are using the Proctor too, share these instructions. Most importantly, the instructions have a link to a demo test. Let your students take the demo test at least 24 hours before their actual test, so they know how to use the system.
Students must click on both Submit Buttons, else their answers will be lost: As mentioned in the Instructions above, there are two Submit Buttons within AutoProctor. If the students don’t click the Purple Button, all their answers will be lost. If you do not see their answers in the Responses section, this is the cause behind it! If they don’t click on the Purple button, absolutely nothing can be done to recover the answers. So, tell them that they must click on both Submit buttons.
Students need to log out of all their other Google Accounts: Sometimes, students may see: (i) a blank page; (ii) a page that says the browser couldn’t connect to the Google account; (iii) a page where they cannot click on an answer, etc. In that case, like mentioned in the Instructions above, the student must log out of all their Google accounts.
Keep track of your Account: AutoProctor isn’t free. If you don’t have enough Test Attempts in your account, your students will not be able to load the test. So, ensure that you have enough Test Attempts in your account.

Updated on: 09/28/2023

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