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Adding Collaborators to your Tests

Once you create a test, you may want to add a collaborator to the test. You can find the option to add collaborators to your test in the advanced settings of the test.

Only users on the Premium and Elite plans can add collaborators. Also, only members of your team can be added as collaborators to your test. So, ensure the user you are trying to add as a collaborator is a part of your team, or invite them to join your team before adding them as a collaborator.

To add a collaborator to your test, follow these steps:

Under the Advanced Settings section, you will a section which shows the collaborators you have added, and a link to add new collaborators.
Add Collaborators
Click on the collaborate link to copy it.
Share the link with the person you want to add as a collaborator.
When the person clicks on the link, they will be added as a collaborator to your test.

Things to keep in mind while adding collaborators:
Read/Write Access: Once you add someone as a collaborator, they will have read and edit access to that test. They can change the settings, view the results, etc.
Cannot revoke access: Currently, we don't have a feature where you can delete a collaborator from a test. Once you add them, they will stay added.

Updated on: 05/23/2023

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