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Unable to see Images and Recordings in Student's Test Report

On a student's test report page, if you are able to see a list of all their violations but don't see the evidence for that (that is, you cannot see an Image or Audio recording):

If you see many violations, but you do not see a single image or audio recording, you must have disabled the recording feature by disabling the "Me after the test" option in your test setting:
What do the different AutoProctor Settings mean?🤔

If some violations have files and some others don't, that is expected behaviour. Depending on the test, AutoProctor stores a fixed number (around 20) of images and audio files. We do not store every audio or image file. But, this doesn't mean that only 20 violations are tracked by our system. ALL violations are tracked and affect the Trust Score. But, only 20 image or audio files are available for you to view.

Updated on: 05/02/2023

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