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I cannot see the questions on Google Forms

AutoProctor works by loading a Google Form on its own site. So, if the Google Form doesn't load properly for some reason, whatever error message Google Form shows, the same will be shown on the AutoProctor site too.

For example, as you see in the image below, AutoProctor has loaded a Form but the Form is complaining that only users in the organisation can view it. This means that, either you must log in with the right email ID or the person who created the form must allow others to access it.

Due to privacy reasons, Google doesn't allow us to know what is inside the form. So, if you face an error like this, we will not be able to tell you why the error is being caused. You will have to contact the person who created the form. There is nothing we can do from our end to fix it.

In conclusion, AutoProctor can only ensure that a Google Form loads successfully. The message or content inside the Form cannot be controlled by AutoProctor. So, if you face issues there, you must contact your teacher or the Form creator.

Updated on: 11/21/2022

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