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Best Practices for Teachers🧑‍🏫

If you are using the Proctoring feature, you absolutely must make your students take a demo test. This demo test will help the student understand how to use AutoProctor. It will also check that their computer/phone has the required configuration to take the test. Before you share the actual test link with the students, send them this link:

If you want to know how to use AutoProctor, click here. If you want to understand what the different AutoProctor settings mean, click here. This blogpost tells you about the best ways to conduct the test, once you have understood how to use AutoProctor.

Because you will not be around to monitor students as they take the test, it is important that you prepare them beforehand. These tips will ensure that everyone can take the test successfully.

Test Settings

Timing: Students may face Internet and Device issues. If you are setting a Timed test with a Test Duration and a Start and End Time, give sufficient time between the Start and End Time. For example, let’s say you want the test to start at 11:00 AM and have a duration of 15 minutes, then set the End Time as 11:30 AM.

Sharing the Link

Demo In Advance: The demo link doesn’t count towards your test attempt balance. So, if students take the demo test, your “Number of Tests Remaining” won’t change. Give the demo test link to the students at least 24 hours in advance so that if the test doesn’t work on their device, they can arrange for an alternate device.
In-App Browser: On phones, many apps like Telegram and Facebook have their own Browsers, called In-App Browsers. So, if you send the test link using these applications, AutoProctor will load on the In-App Browser. The student will then have to open the same link with Chrome or Firefox again. We recommend that you use Gmail or Google Classrooms to share the link. Or, inform the students that it is better to copy the link and paste it directly onto Chrome or Firefox.
Be Available: As the students take the test, be available for them in case they face any issues. Especially first-time test takers may face many issues that have nothing to do with AutoProctor. It is best if they can contact you and get them redressed. Use some chat application like Google Meet, WhatsApp, etc so that they have some support.


Non-AutoProctor Questions: Because we have a Live Chat feature enabled on our site, many students ask us questions about things we have no control over. For example, they ask us about their grades. Sometimes, they even ask us to help them with the test! You should make it clear to the students that they should chat with us only if they have some question to do with the test not loading. Once the test loads, all questions they may have must be addressed to you.
Points and Grades: We do not have access to the marks or points that your students score on their tests. Those are available to you in the Responses section with each Google Form. The AutoProctor add-on only gives you the Trust Score for each test attempt. For the actual points, you should look directly at the Google Form.

Updated on: 05/02/2023

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