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Quiz Settings

Socratease Quizzes have their own Settings. You can see a snapshot of the Settings page below.

Socratease Quiz Settings

Thumbnail: Upload an image for the quiz. This image is shown to the test takers when they start the quiz.
Instructions: If you want to share a list of instructions, you can do so here. These are visible at the top of the quiz.
When test takers see the results:
Immediately, on Submission: As soon as the test taker submits the test, they can see which questions they got right/wrong and also what the right answers were. If a question requires grading, like a textual answer, it will show up as "Not Graded Yet"
When Individual Score is released: You can review a student's answers, finalize the score and release it. As soon as you release a test taker's score, it is available to the test taker
When All Scores are released: If many test takers are taking the test at the same time, you may want to release all their scores at once. With this option, test takers see their scores and responses only when you release all the scores
They never see the results: You can still finalize and grade each test taker's responses. But, they will not be able to see the results
Randomize Questions: If you want to randomize the order in which the questions appear, you can select this option.
Advanced Settings:
Disable Copy and Paste: Test takers will not be able to copy the questions or paste answers from a different website.
Auto-submit on Tab Switch: Test takers may switch to a different tab to look for answers online. If this is enabled, the test gets automatically submitted if they switch to a different tab more than N times. You can specify the value of N in the field "If count exceeds"
Enable LaTeX: If you want to type equations, enable this option to type in LaTeX using MathJax. For example, if you type \(a^2 \times \frac{x}{y} = \sin{x} \int_0^\infty f( x ) \, dx\), you will see the following output

LaTeX within Socratease Quizzes

Updated on: 11/22/2022

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