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Archiving and Deleting Tests

What is an Archived Test?

If you archive a test, it no longer shows up on your Dashboard. You usually archive a test if you have created a test for demo purposes, or if it is an old test that you no longer need. It will then show up in the Archived Tests section and your homepage won't look as cluttered.

What is a Deleted Test?

Deleting a Test means removing it from your account. Only Archived Tests can be deleted. You can use the Delete Test feature to clear old tests from your Dashboard that are no longer required.

Note that deleting a Test will neither delete the user's answers, nor the proctoring records. For example, if you load the Google Forms add-on after you delete the test, the test will re-appear on your dashboard, with the old results intact.

If a test has multiple collaborators, the test will not be deleted from the other accounts.

How to do it?

Open your Dashboard.
Click on the Settings of the test you want to archive.
Click on the Archive Test Link as shown below
Archive Test
Go to the Archived Tests on the left side of the Dashboard.
Click the Delete Button to delete the test. Click on the Restore button if you want the test to show up on the test admin dashboard again.

Updated on: 05/26/2023

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