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How to Create an Iframe Test on AutoProctor

AutoProctor's Google Form Add-on can be used to easily create tests on AutoProctor. But, you may be using a platform that is different from Google or Microsoft Forms. This article explains how you can integrate that platform's tests with AutoProctor. You can also watch this YouTube video that shows the steps below.

To create a test, visit

Choose Other in the dropdown

Where it asks you to enter the test url, visit your test platform and fetch the URL that you would have shared with your students. That is, if you weren't using AutoProctor, whatever URL you would share with the students, you include that URL here. In the video, we show this with a platform called ClassMarker. But, you can use any test platform of your choice.

It is extremely important that you check the Preview of the URL. If the preview doesn't load, it means that the test platform isn't compatible with AutoProctor.

There is nothing we can do if the platform isn't compatible. To allow AutoProctor to integrate with that test platform, the developers of the platform must allow for IFrame Integration.

If the preview loads successfully, your students should also be able to take the test successfully.

Updated on: 11/22/2022

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