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Why we recommend Equip for Hiring

Why we recommend Equip for Hiring

Many of you have been using AutoProctor for conducting assessments for hiring. We launched Equip to help you hire better. Here are a few reasons why Equip is more suitable for hiring:

Different types of tests

Equip Test Types

While Google Forms is useful for quizzes with multiple-choice questions, what if you want to test someone's coding skills? Or listening and speaking skills. Or design skills. Equip has different tests to assess different skills

1. Timer per Question

In Equip, questions can be shown individually, and a time limit can be set per question. This makes it harder for the candidate to cheat.

2. Negative Points

In MCQs, candidates can score points by guess the right option. With Equip, you can assign negative points for wrong answers. So, candidates will be careful before randomly choosing an option!

3. No copy-paste

Most online cheating happens via Googling the question and copying the answer. On Equip tests, copy-paste is disabled, making it much more difficult for candidates to cheat.

This video shows the features discussed above.

4. Session recordings

Equip records the candidate's screen for the entire duration of the test. You can playback all their on-screen actions like cursor movement, typing, clicks, etc. Go here to see how session recordings work on Equip. We promise it is cool!

Import from Excel

You may already have a set of questions that you have used to create quizzes earlier. Equip allows you to import these questions directly as an Excel file, as shown here.

Updated on: 11/21/2022

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