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Instructions for taking a Timed Test⏱

Note: Read the entire blogpost carefully! Else, all the answers you entered will be lost!

Submit Buttons

Purple Submit Button, then Green Submit Button

Normally, on a Google Form, you have one Purple Submit button at the bottom of the Form. On AutoProctor, you have a Purple Submit button at the bottom, and a Green button at the top.

Always click on the Purple Submit button first, and then click the Green button. The Purple Button is shown as 1 in a red circle in the image above.

If you do not click the Purple Submit button,** all the answers you have entered will be lost**! So, always click the Purple Submit button first.

After this, click the Green Submit button at the top. If you do not click this button, your teacher will not be able to see your submission on AutoProctor. The Green Submit button is shown as 2 in the image above.

Google Accounts

Many of you may have multiple Google Accounts on your device. Before you take a test on AutoProctor, log out of all accounts by clicking here: Then, log in with the correct Google Account.

Do not use Incognito or Private Mode

Sample Test

If you are using AutoProctor for the first time, you need to take a demo test before you take your actual test. You can take the demo test by visiting this link: If you can take this test, you can take any test your teacher assigns you!

Updated on: 05/02/2023

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