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Instructions for taking a Proctored Test

Note: Read the entire blogpost carefully, especially the section at the bottom with the image! Else, all the answers you entered will be lost!

Demo Test

AutoProctor needs modern technologies in order to work. While most newer browsers and devices have these technologies enabled, older browsers and devices will not be able to load an AutoProctor test.

To check if AutoProctor works on your system, take this demo test: If this test loads successfully, then any test that your teacher assigns you will load successfully. If this test loads and the test your teacher shared doesn't load, sign out of all your Google Accounts and try again.

Submit Buttons

Once the test loads, you will see two Submit buttons, a Purple Submit button at the bottom, and a Green Submit button at the top. You must first click on the Purple Submit Button at the bottom, and then click on the Green Submit Button at the top.

If you forget to click the Purple Submit Button at the bottom, all your answers will be lost!

So, ensure that you click on the Purple Submit button at the bottom.

Google Accounts

Many of you may have multiple Google Accounts on your device. Before you take a test on AutoProctor, log out of all accounts by clicking here. Then, log in with the correct Google Account. Do not use Incognito or Private mode.

Here are a few guidelines on what kind of browser/device to use for a Proctored test:

On iPhone and iPad: Use Safari (at least version 13, or higher)
On Windows, Android, Macbook and other devices: Use Google Chrome Browser (at least version** 83**, or higher)
Updated Browser: If your device has a lower version of the browser, update the browser to the latest version. If you cannot update it to the versions mentioned above, you will have to upgrade your Operating System. If that also doesn’t work, you will have to try a different device.
Good hardware specifications: While we cannot specify all the hardware requirements, it helps to have a phone or laptop that isn’t more than 3 years old. AutoProctor is constantly monitoring your camera and audio feeds, and is running Artificial Intelligence algorithms on them. That requires a lot of processing power. It is important that your device can handle it.
Change device: Unfortunately, if AutoProctor isn’t working on a given device, there is nothing we can do from our end. You will have to change your laptop or smartphone. Your device may be running all other sites like Facebook and YouTube perfectly, and still not be able to run AutoProctor. But, remember that these websites just show you content, whereas AutoProctor does a lot of processing, and some devices just cannot do the processing required.

Sample Test

The most important thing to remember about AutoProctor is that if one test loads, other tests will also load. So, if you can get the demo test to work on your device, you can get other tests to run too.

Updated on: 05/02/2023

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