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What is the Google Classroom Integration?

Google Classrooms

If you are using Google Classrooms, you are likely sharing the same Google Forms with students in different classrooms. On your results page, you may want to filter results based on the classroom. AutoProctor's Google Forms integration helps with this.

Getting the AutoProctor test URL

Within the Google Forms add-on, after you click the settings option, you will see all your classrooms listed. As you change the classroom in the dropdown, you will see the AutoProctor URL change. So, each classroom can have its own URL. You can share this URL with the respective classroom.

Filtering the results based on the classroom

Once students submit the test, on the Results page, you will see each test attempt's result. You will also see a dropdown, where you can see all the classrooms that attempted this test. You can narrow down the results to students in that classroom. The image below shows you how the filtering occurs.

Filtering results based on Classroom

This feature is available only for Google Forms tests. Also, you need to use the Timer & Proctor add-on to get the different URLs for different classrooms.

Updated on: 05/02/2023

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