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What gets tracked and recorded during Proctoring?


As the test creator, you get to choose what aspects of the test taker's environment you want to track. You can enable/disable what you want to track using the settings as shown below.

AP Settings

How AutoProctor Works

As the test taker takes the test, AutoProctor continuously monitors the video feed, the audio feed, the screen the test taker is on, etc. If AutoProctor detects that, for example, 2 people are looking at the screen, it immediately takes a photo of the camera feed.

Audio/Video Recordings

Unlike other proctoring tools, we do not record the entire video or audio of the test session. The point of AutoProctor is to show you screenshots of suspected cheating. If a test taker doesn't cheat, you won't have anything to review. Our patent-pending technology enables you to just review a few images and audio recordings of cheating, rather than watch hours of recorded video sessions.

Updated on: 05/02/2023

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