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Consolidated Test Report

From the Test Report page, you can always download an Excel file of the students' Test Summaries. This will give you information like when the student started the test, when they ended it, what their Trust Score was, etc.

If you want a more detailed Test Report, you can download the Consolidated Report. This is a Premium Feature. A Consolidated Report has a list of all the violations committed by all test takers for a given test. This is especially useful if you need to file a report with a University or some other Education body.

There are many events you will see on this report. Most events are self-explanatory. Two events may need explaining:

tab-focus-lost means that the user switched to a different application
tab-focus-gained means that the user switched from a different application to the Test

Because Consolidated Reports typically have a lot of data, you are allowed to download them a maximum of 2 times per test. So, we recommend you download this when all the students have finished taking the test.

Updated on: 05/02/2023

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